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Freelance Make Up Artist and Stylist who shuttles between New York, Italy and Dubai, Anna has been in the Make Up industry since 1996. She trained under Mario Dedivanovic and Scott Barnes in NYC and has a certificate for Hairstyling from Cinema Make Up School A true lover of all the elements of Fashion, she studied Fashion Design and Styling at the prestigious Istituto Europeo Di Design in Milan, Italy.

Friday, December 30, 2016


Hi there my lovelies! I hope that you are all having an amazing Holiday Season! As promised, here is the 2nd installment of the Holiday Glam Edition for my blog. I didn't have enough time to create 3 different looks, but on this post I will show you how to take a basic look up two Glam notches. I was also supposed to include a video but I accidentally deleted them. lol!!!!

If you want to see how I created these 3 looks, please read on. 😊

As always, we start with a clean, toned and moisturized skin. I love Cetaphil's Moisturizing Cream because it is very emollient and does not have SPF. Moisturizers without SPF is perfect for when you are going to be photographed using flash. The Titanium Oxide in SPF gives the white flashback making your face look whiter than the rest of your body.

Let the moisturizer sit in for a good 5 to 10 seconds or even more so that your foundation doesn't slip and slide when you apply it. If you wish to apply a Face primer, do so. I don't apply primer on my entire face, but just on areas where I think I am oily. I used L'Oreal's Nude Magique Blur Cream. 

Another thing that I love doing as a Pre Make Up Application routine is moisturizing my lips so by the time you apply your lipstick, whether it is cream, matte of liquid lipstick, it is plump and not flaky.

I absolutely love Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation. The finish is so skin like and you can layer it if you like a fuller coverage. I, however, like it as skin like as possible, most especially since I will be using a highly pigmented concealer like Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer. You only need a pin drop size to conceal your dark circles, redness around the nose and the discoloration on the sides of the mouth. I hardly ever bake, only when I know that I will be attending an event that will require me to stay up later than usual. For that I turn to my Ben Nye Banana Powder applied with a damp Beauty Blender.

Before setting my face with Maybelline's Fit Me Powder, I tried NYX's Cream Contour Kit and boy,  it is stiff as a board! lol! I literally had to dig my brush in to get some product. I used a Sigma brush to apply it on the hollows of my cheeks. And because of the consistency, I decided to use my ring finger to blend it. I figured that the warmth of it will break down the product, making it easier to blend. 

Now that you are done with all the liquids and creams, you can now set your face. As previously mentioned, I used Maybelline's Fit Me Powder. I wanted a very healthy, bronzy glow since we can get a little pasty over the Holiday Season and for powder Bronzers, I only turn to NARS' Laguna. To complement the Sun kissed look, I applied Charlotte Tilbury's Bar of Gold on my cheekbones, tip of my nose, a little on the cheek plane as well.

For the brows, it is my Go to Brow Pencil from Ben Nye in Medium Brown to outline the shape that I want. To make it look more natural, I used my Senna Brow Palette with an angled brush. To keep the brows in place, I used a clear mascara from Deborah.

This is the Basic Eye that I came up with and you will see that just by adding a liner and changing the lip color, you can transform this look. It is very versatile. 😊

I primed my eye area and lower lash line with MAC's Painterly Paint Pot. Using my Woman by Anna Flat Shader brush sprayed with Fix Plus I applied MAC's Reflects in Bronze on my lid. With my Blending Brush (White Goat Hair) dipped in Raw Sienna from ABH's Modern Renaissance Palette, i defined my crease. With the Eye Contour Brush and ABH's Cyprus Umber, i deepened the outer V. These 2 shades were smudged on my lower lash line using my angled brush. For the Browbone, I used the other side of my flat shader brush with ABH's Vermeer. For the 1st look, I tight lined with Make Up Forever's Khol Pencil in 1K. And for Full Fat Lashes, there can only be Maybelline's Volum Express One by One Mascara.

Who doesn't love a Nude Glossy Lip? My favorite lip combo starts with MAC Cosmestics Lipliner in Whirl followed by Siss Lipstick and topped with NYX' Lip Gloss in Sugar Pie. 

Et Voila! I think that even with the Bronze Reflects, this look is still very wearable. What do you guys think?

To up the ante of this look, all you need is Make Up Forever's Aqua Liner in Black to create the Feline Flick. To smoke up up the eye look, I lined my waterline with Make Up Forever's Khol Pencil in Black 

To vamp up the look, reminiscent of the 90's Supermodels, I chose Urban Decay Cosmetics' Vice Lipstick in 1993. This formulation is just DIVINE! It is Comfort Matte, so the pigmentation is A1 but it feels like a Cream lipstick. This is a must buy, guys. :)

Urban Decay Cosmetics' Vice Lipstick in 1993 (Comfort Matte Finish)

Gorgeous Glam Look 2 done 💕

Is there anything more glamorous that a Wine-y lip color for the Holiday Season? I love MAC's Dubonnet Lipstick because there is a slight shimmer to it, non drying and the color reminds me of Old Hollywood.

MAC Cosmetics' Lipstick in Dubonnet (Amplified Formulation)

Golden Eyes and Red Lips is the quintessential Holiday Look in my eyes. How are you guys liking this look? 💖

I hope that you are all having an amazing time with your loved ones, my lovelies. May the spirit of this Holiday Season remain in our hearts all throughout the year! 

I will see you all soon for the last Make Up Look for this Holiday Glam Edition to wrap up 2016!

Love and Light,

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hello My Loves!!! I know that it has been a long time since I posted a Make Up Look and what better way to kick off the Holiday Glam Series than to feature the Gorgeous and Sexy Make Up of the Victoria's Secret Angels 💖

The Victoria's Secret Angel always looks divine, but not so put together as she has that perpetually tousled, Vavavoom Hair. Her eyes are smoldering but no cut creases and false lashes. Her skin glows as if she just got back from an invigorating holiday.  I will call this "Wish I woke up like this look" as much as I would call this the Victoria's Secret Angel Look. Read to find out how I created this. 😊

I think the Victoria's Secret Angels look is all about the skin. Looking at loads of visuals from the 2016 Fashion Show, it seemed as is they were not wearing much foundation. There isn't heavy contouring either. I don't think that baking was used either. In a nutshell, none of the "Instagram" beauty trends were used .

The most important step to creating a Flawless Base is to start with a clean and moisturized face. Clean, Scrub, Tone and Moisturize. There is nothing worse than flaky skin clinging onto your foundation.

To achieve a Flawless Base, I used Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation. This offers a skin like finish and because of the consistency, you can layer this foundation without looking cakey. I dotted my skin with the foundation and buffed it with my Artist Brush Dup.

I used this Pro Concealer to cover my under eye circles, the redness around the nose and some discoloration on the sides of the mouth. Important note, I didn't use use the concealer to "highlight" my face. Since the concealer is pretty thick in consistency, I used my ring finger to apply it. The warmth of my finger will break down the product making it easier to blend and melt onto the skin. After I applied it, I simply pressed it with the Artist Brush Dup to lock it in.

For the Sun Kissed Look, there is only one product for me, Chanel's Soleil Tan de Chanel. I used the Woman by Anna Stippling Brush to work the product into the skin. For creams and liquids to not simply sit on the skin, it has to be worked onto skin buy gently buffing the product and this brush is perfect for that job. I applied the Bronzer on the high points of my face.

Looking Lit from within is easy peasy with Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. I didn't  use a brush for this but my ring finger again. I apple this on my cheek plane all the way up to my cheekbones, the tip of the nose, a little on the Cupid's bow.

To set my base, I buffed Maybelline's FIT ME powder with my Everyday Minerals Kabuki Brush.

My brow routine isn't Rocket Science. It is very easy and I have used the same brow pencil for more than 2 years! LOL!! What can I say? I love Ben Nye's Eyebrow Pencil. The video above will show you my preferred method of filing in my brows.

As previously mentioned, The VS Angel has smoldering, come hither eyes. There were no cut creases, if they applied false lashes, I can be very sure that they are individuals or just for the outer corners to lift the eye. No heavy liner but the Feline Flick was there.

To recreate the VS Angel Look I used my VISEART Eye Palette in Cashmere. I love this Palette!!! Aside from the fact that it so small, the colors are spot on! You can use this to fill in your brows too. The pigmentation of this product is beyond compare and glides on like no other eyeshadow that I have tried. Having said that, this palette is not cheap, it is AED 250 but I think that it is totally worth its price tag.

With the Woman by Anna Flat Shadow Brush I applied the middle shimmer shade on the my lid. With the tip of the same brush I applied the top shimmer shade on my tear ducts. I applied the middle matte shade on my crease with the white Woman by Anna Goat Hair brush and used a back and forth motion to blend the shadow. Using the same brush, I applied the bottom matte shade on the outer V to create more depth. Using the Flat Shadow Brush again, I applied the top matte shade on my brow bone and a teeny tiny bit of the top shimmer shadow on the highest point of the brow bone

For the Feline Flick, I used my Make Up Forever Aqua Liner in 13. For the Lower Lash Line. I used the Straight Synthetic Brush dipped in the middle matte shade to smudge the lower lash line. With the same brush dipped on the bottom matte shade, I smudged the outer corners to meet the Feline Flick.

To make the eyes smolder but not smokey, I lined the outer half of my water line with Make Up Forever's  Artist Liner in Black and lined the rest with MAC's Chromographic Pencil in NW25/NC30.

Lastly, I applied my favorite mascara, Maybelline's One by One Volume Express on my top and bottom lashes. To make the eyes look more Feline, instead of an upwards motion, I applied the mascara with a sideways motion. If you wish to apply another coat of mascara, make sure to comb through while it is still wet then re apply.

I kept the lips Nude and Glossy. With recent popularity of Liquid Lippies, I have completely forgotten as to how lovely MAC's Lipstick in Siss is. I paired it with Kylie Cosmetics' Lipliner in Maliboo. It is a tad darker than the lipstick, so I blended the lipliner towards the center before applying the lipstick.

There you have it, my loves. I really hope that you like the 1st look in our Holiday Glam Edition. There will be 3 more looks before we hit New Year's Eve! 💝💝

As always, I hope  that you are all having a great day/evening and I will talk to you guys very soon!

Love and Light,

Friday, December 16, 2016


"Take good care of your skin, "is the 1st advice that I give to anybody who asks me about Make Up. It may not seem related at first but trust me when I say that you will agree with me after reading this blog entry. Make Up is fun but when you wipe it all off, your bare face is all that you are left with and you have to be able to sashay confidently with or without Make Up. Having said that, I thought I'd share my Weekend Skincare Routine with all of you. Since my job requires that I look put together all the time, wearing Make Up has become an integral part of my day and if you do this 3 to 4 days in a week, I strongly suggest that you indulge in a Deep Cleansing Weekly Skincare Routine. Doing this weekly will keep your skin in tip top shape and prevent break outs.

I have tried and tested so many facial cleansers, scrubs and masks but I always end up going back to these three products. 
This is perfect because it rids your skin of oil but gentle enough to be used daily. I have come across "super cleansing" facial washes that leaves my skin too dry. Our skin is very smart. The moment that it realises that you don't have enough oil, it automatically produces more oil, thus making your skin oiler.
(yup, used oily several times! lol!!!!)

I love this product from Vichy because it is a money saver. You can use it as a cleanser, scrub and mask.

This mask looks like Calamine lotion when applied but it is so good! It has a tightening effect and my skin looks brighter after using it. It also claims to minimize pores but I can't really vouch for that as 

There are a few more face masks that I turn to depending on how my skin was behaving that week. 

When my skin needs a little more moisture, I turn to GlamGlow's Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment. This smells divine and it leaves your skin supple and soft. I prefer leaving this mask overnight as opposed to just applying it and leaving it on for 15 - 20 minutes.

Caudalie's Moisturizing Mask is another one that I use when my skin needs more moisture.

GlamGlow's Powermud DualCleanse Treatment is a mask/facial cleanser in one. This leaves my skin feeling and looking cleaner without the drying effects of a deep cleansing mask because it turns into oil when mixed with water. It is strange but true! 

Caudalie's Glycolic Peel Mask is another Go to Mask for when my skin looks dull and requires some brightening 

Welcome to my Bathroom!😀

At Home Facial Treatments are easy! All you need is a bowl of hot water, your favorite facial cleanser, facial scrub and facial mask of your choice.

My Go to At Home Facial Products

Let us start with cleaning the face, shall we?

My Holy Grail Facial Scrub. 💖

Face is Clean and ready for my Facial Mask. 😀

Calamine? Nope. LOL!

After your Weekend At Home Facial Ceremony is done, don't forget to tone your skin to close the pores, apply your favorite serum and/or moisturizer and get your beauty sleep.

Develop a Skin Care routine early and be diligent. A skin care product takes about 3 months of religious application before you see results. I always say that when you love your skin, it will love you ten times over. 

I hope that you guys learned something from my Weekend Skin Care Routine and that you try some of the products that I have mentioned 💖