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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


What can you expect from the Cosmetic line of one of the best Tattoo Artists alive? Well, you are about to find out with a review of Kat Von D's Lock It Tattoo Foundation. 😄

A little background on Kat Von D and her Cosmetic line, Kat is of course well known as a tattoo artist, musician and TV Personality. She launched her line in 2008 with 4 shades of lipsticks and look at the brand now! Kat's products have always been Vegan, meaning it does not contain animal products, its buy products and does not test on animals. 

The Lock it Tattoo Foundation has 47 shades, contains 30ml of product and is Fragrance free. This is a plus for me because I think that adding fragrance to face products can lead to skin irritation. This retails for  USD 35 (+/- 130 AED) It now has 47 shades and picking the right shade won't be difficult as it also has an undertone guide for you.

It is a full coverage foundation, however, it can also be thinned out by adding a small amount of moisturizer or beauty oil of your choice. I believe that it does not contain SPF, making this foundation perfect for photoshoots. You can expect the foundation to hide blemishes and discoloration, however, not entirely sure about its claim of being transfer proof as I have never worn it during Jiujitsu training! LOL!


When reviewing foundations I don't use any primers, If the product claims to be long wearing then it can and should be able to survive the whole day without "foundation helpers." I also don't use setting sprays. 

The Lock It Tattoo Foundation is not the kind of foundation that you dot on your skin and not blend immediately as it SETS FAST! If you don't blend the foundation immediately it has a tendency of clinging on to your skin, leaving undesirable patches.

My preferred method of application is with a flat top kabuki brush. I feel that this buffs the foundation into your skin better. A PRO Tip. If you feel that you may have overdone the foundation, take a damp Beauty Blender and pat all over the face. Another PRO Tip: If you don't have a Beauty Blender, take sheet of Kleenex and pat. This allows you to remove the excess product without moving the foundation.

I was very busy the day I put the foundation to the test, therefore, not having an opportunity to retouch. Eventhough I never had the chance to do so, the foundation didn't settle on the sides of my nose. (As you will see on all of my check ins). I think that from 0945 - 2045, a little bit of shine is forgiveable. LOL!

When I test a foundation, I make it a point to take a photo in natural light and it has to be 1st thing in the morning. This gives me a better way to compare the "wear" of the foundation throughout the day.

The product did not oxidize (this means that your face did not get darker) and there was no meltdown inspite of the fact that I had to be outdoors that day as well.

The foundation being full coverage, I will suggest this to people who have oily skin. If you have dry skin, you can still wear this but make sure that you exfoliate to remove flakiness (some women have dry patches and this product clings) and of course moisturize.

So, what are my final thoughts on Kat Von D's Lock It Tattoo Foundation? I don't think that it is a hype. The product delivers what it claims to deliver and more.The price point is good, not too pricey for the results that it gives. 💕

Hope that this review was helpful to you guys and see you all very soon!

Love and Light,

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