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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Have you ever been so excited to write about a product that you hurry from the event so you can start typing away on your computer? Having been in the industry for quite a while and having tested a lot of products, I am always on the lookout for the next product that will sweep me off my feet. I am not very particular with new eye make up products because the only thing that I look for in an eyeshadow is the pay off but when it comes to foundations and base products, there is just so much to consider before I can say fairly say that I am impressed and without a shadow of a doubt can recommend it all to you.

To say that I am skeptic about mineral make up will probably be an understatement. Back in 09 when mineral Make up was in vogue, I did succumb to the fad and bought myself 3 sets of a very well know Mineral Make Up brand only to be disappointed. There was another Mineral Make Up brand that I tried and it did impress me but the fact that it was powder and falling all over the place was such a hassle that I never considered buying again. So, when I got invited the private testing/launch of Jane Iredale’s Mineral Make Up I could not help my skepticism from seeping through. However, in my opinion it is better to be skeptical in the beginning and just be bowled over after trying the product than the other way around. And that is exactly what happened to me!

Jane Iredale Make Up is not just Mineral Make up, it is skin care  make up that provides beautiful colours and coverage that can rival any department store brands. Another good thing about their products is that it is fragrance free. So many department store brands and drugstore brands do have a slight fragrance to their cosmetics and though it smells amazing, it can be wreak havoc to women with extremely sensitive skin.


During the launch I decided to try on the Liquid Minerals Foundation in Caramel and as soon as you start blending it with the brush, you will see it cover yet it still looks like your skin… bonus to that is the glow that the product has once applied. I am not one to put superlatives in my reviews as I think you, my lovelies deserve an honest to goodness review but this product is, for the lack of a better word is simply UNBELIEVABLE!. I don’t think that the photos that I took gave it justice.



I also applied their Circle/Delete in 1 on my dark cirles and unevenness around the nose. What sealed the deal for me was their Pure Pressed Bases. I set my foundation with one in Golden Glow. It feels like silk and glides on so smoothly. Buffed on to the skin with their kabuki brush just produces an amazing finish…. It is your skin but 100 times better!

Another great thing about their Pure Pressed Bases is that there is no shimmer so you can use a lightly darker shade to create your contour which I did. I used butternut and light beige as my highlighter.

I did not try on their eye products because like what I said, base products are the most important to me and once I saw the results,  I was sold! COMPLETELY!

The products, however, are not yet available in retail but is currently sold in special salons in Dubai. I guess this is one of the drawbacks.

You will definitely see me using the Liquid Minerals Foundation in the future Make Up Looks and will keep you my lovelies in the loops for Jane Iredale news!

Love and Light,


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