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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi my lovelies! I am back! Hopefully not go MIA for a while. :). So, how have you all been? We have loads to catch up on, don't you all think?

The Dubai breeze is slowly getting more tolerable, some of us will warmly welcome the chill of 'Autumn" while a lot will try to hang on to the warmth of the Summer breeze.

The changing of the season brings a lot of beauty concerns. While the warmth of summer may give us covetable bronzed skin it also leaves our crowning glory dry - drier than the sub Saharan desert. If you are like me who has looked at a ton of hair products to restore her crowning glory to its 'unparched' state and has ended up being frustrated because none seem to work, well, ladies, your crowning glory has finally met its Knight in Shining Armour  in  Davines Natural Tech Line.

If you are like me who absolutely has to wash her hair every single day,  you need a hair care system that not only cleanses the hair (its main purpose) but your products of choice should also be able to protect your scalp from the unseemingly scalding water of Dubai and everything that comes with living in the sandpit. :)

Davine's NaturalTech line not only boasts of this clean, organic and extremely addicting mild scent but it perfectly combines Nature's finest gifts and Man's latest innovation.

I have 2 of their shampoos. The Nourishing Shampoo which smells like a spa in a bottle is perfect for women who are suffering from dry and dehydrated scalp, which in this region is quite normal.

The other shampoo is what I use on a daily basis, The Energizing Shampoo with its minty scent kind of wakes me up in the morning pre-coffee :) and short of sounding redundant I find that the water here in Dubai contributed to my hair fall out and since I started using the shampoo the fall out has dramatically lessened.

Both shampoos are complimented by Davine's Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner. Again, if you are like me who has a penchant for light, fresh and very organic scents, a whiff of this conditioner will get you hooked... all the more when you start using it. Because it is summer I avoid blow drying my hair and after air drying it does have a tendency to get a little frizzy but since using the Conditioner instead of frizzy dry air dried hair I have loosely curled hair, which is pretty sexy and touchable. :)

I guess the only downside of products like Davines is that they are not sold in Supermarkets but in Specialty Salons only, however, when you think about it, when you purchase it in a salon   you get expert advice on how to keep your crowning glory in it's healthiest  state.

I hope that this product review has been helpful and always remember to stay happy and always smile! :)

Love and Light,


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