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Monday, September 10, 2012


Do you my lovelies remember the line of Cameron Diaz in the 1st Charlie's Angels movie, the scene  where she was fighting with the bad guys and her cute bartender love interest was calling her? Well, if you don't, let me refresh your memory. She said, as she was giving the bad guy an uppercut, "do you know how hard it is to find a good guy in Los Angeles?' That line, regardless of your zipcode seems true! Before meeting my better half, I kind of accepted the fact that I might not meet him at all and the words, witty banter and quotable quotes from this Novel by Danabelle Gutierrez pretty much summed up what a single girl goes through before meeting the man whom she has secretly wrote love letters to.

I am sharing this lovely excerpt  from the book which is lovingly called, Dear Someone Letters, which I think aside from being well written is just so full of emotion.... despair, hope and longing.... emotions that we often feel while wandering the face of the earth and pondering....... "Where is he?'


Dear Someone,

I am attempting to write to you of the pretty little lights that dance in the night to the enchanting melody that I hear in my mind while a deafening silence fills this dimly lit room. I am awkwardly asking for your attention, though I know it may not be granted; not fully; not in its entirety; not yet. Despite that, I am still asking you for a sliver; A thin slice of your precious time.

I don't know where you are or what you're doing. As for me, I'm still here. Still waiting for you. I don't even know who you are. But I know that you're out there or at least that's what I knew… I've always had an unwavering belief that everyone has a soulmate, but as of late, I've started to doubt your existence. And I don't want to. I want to keep believing that love is magical… Because the alternative would make for a sad and lonely world to live in. However, I do find myself feeling less and less hopeful and becoming more and more cynical. So in an attempt to keep believing that you exist, I will write to you as I wait.

The seasons are changing. I wonder if you've noticed… Or have you fallen into the trap of your own little world where you notice nothing except your own heavy breathing? Our lives, as it seems, have been playing on fast forward and slow motion at the same time. And going too slow or too fast would exhaust anyone, I would imagine.

Does it hurt? Your pain would hurt me, you know. I would ask you how much it hurts, but you wouldn't be able to answer that given the circumstances. Yet, I know that this is hurting you, because it is hurting me.

Do you feel a void? That was rhetorical… And of course you couldn't answer that. However, I know that you feel it. In fact, I'm almost certain that the void is imperatively larger than you thought it would be.

I am romanticizing this a little too much, I know… But why shouldn't I? It is meant to be overly romanticized. Otherwise, what else would we be waiting for? I am becoming more and more impatient and understanding that this is a process helps, in that I get to be a little more optimistic and poetic about it.

I'm finding my way… How are you coming along? I wish you would just follow your heart and trust it to bring you to where I am right now. Right this second, as I wait for you in this dimly lit room where I'm writing to you about the pretty little lights that dance in the night. Waiting for you to realize that I'm not giving up… I'm waiting for you.

I love you. My heart is yours to take. Make haste.

As Always,

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D. said...

Love the intro, babe. :)