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Friday, May 4, 2012


I am back with yet another Spring/Summer Fashion Trends and if you thought that my grammar went down the drain, nope, I want to avoid boring titles hence the reference to this old song. "Please Release Me Let Me Go." lalalalalala......

Anyway, enough singing and back to writing. This particular trend, I am afraid is not for everyone. Pleats do have a tendency to make you look a little bigger, however, if you still wish to invest on a pleated piece to be in vogue, why not go the safer route and get a black pleated skirt or trousers. I kind of went all out, pleats and flowers! It can be a little over powering especially if you are as small as I am (152 cm! hehehe), however, I am glad it still worked.

Another thing that I want to highlight in this post and I am sure that all of you are already aware is that fashion does repeat it self. I purchased this dress from Splash when way back in 2010, if I am not mistaken and 2 years after, it is back. So, kudos to Splash (a local high street brand in Dubai) for thinking ahead! :)

I am putting a link below so you can see that this dress is indeed a blast from the past! 

Love and Light,


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Anonymous said...

Congrats ~ Found your blog on Google while searching for a related topic, your site came up, it looks good, keep them coming !