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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


When you plan your wardrobe for the week with a theme in mind ( This week is Gray for me and great colours to combine it with) you realise what colour or colours that pretty much dominates your closet. I kind of know that I will hardly find any colour in my wardrobe but was kind of shocked not to find any pastels!Thankfully, I found this yellow maxi dress hiding and I decided to pair it with my Gun Metal coloured blazer.

With Yellow coming from the Warm Family and Gray from the Cool Family, I was kind of conflicted in choosing the accessories for today. In the end, I opted to wear my white gold accessories.

I just paired this ensemble with my New Look Beige Wedges and my LV Speedy Bag.

Gray will also look awesome with the usual pink, lavander and mint green.

Hope you guys try out my colour combination recommendations and let me know how it goes. :)

Love and Light,

Blazer from G2000
Maxi dress from Flea Market
Wedges from New Look
Speedy Bag from Louis Vuitton

A Closer Look at the Ensemble

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