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Sunday, September 18, 2011





Last month I told you all about my joining the Vocal Guild to regain my lost voice and to learn proper breathing techniques. On our 2nd week, our talented Voice Coaches asked us to prepare the song piece that we would like to sing for our recital. I had originally picked Irene Cara's song from FAME, "Right Here on My Own', however days before the recital, I had an epiphany. :)

I am a huge Madonna fan. :) I loved her during her Material Girl Days to her Masculine days and of course now. I am in awe whenever she performs. She is the one and only Queen of Reinvention. Aside from these amazing qualities as an artist, I admire the causes that she championed over the years.

Among all the looks that Madonna has sported, I have to say that her portrayal of Argentina's Spritual Leader, Evita Peron is my favourite. :) My voice will never be as great as hers, but Madonna's boldness inspired me to get on that stage, sing my heart out and finally cross out of one of my " MUST DO's IN LIFE" and that is to sing infront of a crowd.

Reinvention is not just about a new look , it is also about rediscovering yourself and perhaps some of your lost talent to make you a better and bolder version of yourself :)

P.S. I will try to post the video of my performance but please be easy on the comments :)


Tina V. said...

Anna, I'm waiting to see the video of your performance. This must be the one you invited me to watch. I'm sure it went well!

ANNA DE LEON said...

Hi Tina, yes this is the one. File is so huge. Will let u know, easy on the comment though. hehehe