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Freelance Make Up Artist and Stylist who shuttles between New York, Italy and Dubai, Anna has been in the Make Up industry since 1996. She trained under Mario Dedivanovic and Scott Barnes in NYC and has a certificate for Hairstyling from Cinema Make Up School A true lover of all the elements of Fashion, she studied Fashion Design and Styling at the prestigious Istituto Europeo Di Design in Milan, Italy.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Being loved and trusted unconditionally by that one person who means the world to you is the best feeling there is.

I am lucky to have the best 'job' there is and that is being a mom to my 11 year old daughter. Motherhood is not all fun times, but when you see your child smiling and happy, you get this feeling of reassurance that it is all worth it and it is.

Happy Birthday to my one and only daughter, Pie.


Jackee said...

What a sweet post!! I have a 13 year old daughter (my oldest of 3). I know exactly what you mean! Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

Vynatheya said...

Hey anna

I guess that's why it makes you a wonderful woman too because you are a beautiful and adorable mother first!!! god bless you both

FABB said...

She's a sweetheart <3

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Edez said...

that's so sweet!
Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

ANNA DE LEON said...

hi Jackee, Many thanks for your bday wishes to my daughter. We truly are blessed :)

ANNA DE LEON said...

hi Vine, many thanks for your comment.Motherhood has brought out the best in me :)

ANNA DE LEON said...

hi Edez, many thanks for your greeting. :) Thanks for the visit :)