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Freelance Make Up Artist and Stylist who shuttles between New York, Italy and Dubai, Anna has been in the Make Up industry since 1996. She trained under Mario Dedivanovic and Scott Barnes in NYC and has a certificate for Hairstyling from Cinema Make Up School A true lover of all the elements of Fashion, she studied Fashion Design and Styling at the prestigious Istituto Europeo Di Design in Milan, Italy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Whether it was (or will be) in a romantic restaurant, at the beach, on the bridge, in the water of just after the rooster crows at the break of dawn to wake you in the morning, the moment the Man in your Life, asks you to spend the rest of your lives together is the time when everything changes for a Woman. This is when a Woman slowly cross overs to perhaps one of the most important roles in her life, that of being a wife, the other half or as some people jokingly say,'the better half.' :)

In my many years as a Make Up Artist, I have met with dozens of couples who have decided to take that joyous leap of faith. Even now, I have to admit, I still look forward to meeting couples who are about to tie the knot. Their enthusiasm and joy is simply contagious , you just can't help but be happy, not just for them, but for yourself as well; even when some people don't regard Matrimony as important, people still believe in this institution and their love is indeed FOREVER.

I was hoping to write a long piece to usher in my JUNE BRIDE BLOG SPECIAL, but really, I can go on and on about that all too great a feeling called LOVE and I will out on a 100 more definitions of it. Truth be told, I am listening to love songs while I am writing this article, but with all the love around me, I really don't need much to inspire me. It just makes me smile while tapping onto my keyboard. :)

So, ladies and perhaps a few gentlemen, let me be your Fairy Godmother before you say 'I do.' And let's make this a Marriage Made in Heaven! :)

Photos by:
Arian Marcos
Gabby Yap
Danabelle Gutierrez

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