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Sunday, June 26, 2011


If you look up the word BLISS in any dictionary, you are bound to find DERMALOGICA's BRIDAL PACKAGE, and if by any chance you don't see it, close your eyes real tight and imagine an invigorating 3 hour journey into a radiant new you :)

When I embarked on my June Bride Blog Special, I wanted to write several articles on skin care and how to get the Bride's skin looking its absolute best. In order to do that, I had to look at my own beauty products stash and see which brand I own the most. I am not discounting other great brands out there, however, it was my switch to Dermalogica that rescued and revived my skin to its original glory.

My pampering started at exactly 2pm when I arrived at Dermalogica's Flagship Store in Dubai Mall. I was cheerfully greeted by their wonderful staff, given a refreshing glass of lemon water (which is great when you are detoxing) as I filled in my Client Information Sheet. It was not long before my therapist, Zippi, ushered me into one of their treatment rooms to conduct the consultation in private.

Zippi briefed me about the treatments that I was about to receive while I silently salivated at every detailed description! :) I could not wait!!!

To start my series of treatments, Zippi dry brushed my skin to evaluate its current state and use the appropriate products for my skin type. According to Zippi, the light of the treatment room further enhances the total experience. So, we flipped through red, blue, violet and I finally settled into a mixture of green and blue. Zippi explained that I am a pretty stubborn lady who is rather easy going. :) So before I could contradict her, I just decided to let it go. Hihihihi!

With the lights set and the treatment room filled with the aroma of eucalyptus essential oil, I was ready to dive into a pool of beautifying pleasures.

My BRIDAL PACKAGE started with the Body Foliation Therapy. As someone who is used to all kinds of scrubs, I was pleasantly surprised not to feel harsh beads scraping my skin. Zippi explained that Dermalogica's Exfoliating Scrub has Exfoliant Accelerator which makes buffing away dead skin faster. After rinsing, I had to touch my skin to make sure that a very mild body scrub can actually do the work and it did! My forearm felt as smooth as silk.

A delicious smelling oatmeal and milk body wrap followed my exfoliation. After being fully wrapped in this sweet, aromatic concoction, Zippi wrapped my entire body in plastic and secured it with a thermal jacket to make sure I keep warm and for the vitamins and minerals of the mud wrap to get absorbed well into my skin.

I felt so relaxed and before you know Zippi has started on my Facial. In as much as I want to give you all ladies a detailed account of the facial, I sadly could not because I fell into a state of complete relaxation.... I fell asleep! If my memory serves me right, I had more than just CTM, there were several creams in different textures and smells that caressed my face and after 75 minutes, I have to tell all of you ladies, and take my word for it that my skin could not have looked and felt any better.

Being the Doubting Thomas that I am, I got dressed and went out of the treatment room just to make sure that I was not seeing things. I inspected my skin using one of their mirrors in the counter and finally embraced the fact that I was not seeing things, my skin was actually brighter and I hate to brag it but, boy I looked radiant!

But just don't take my word for it. Each one of us should treat the largest organ in our body to this kind of 'Dermalogica' pampering that it rightly deserves.

For your chance to experience this absolute bliss, why don't you tell me your love story. Send them to annadeleon@live.com before 15th of July 2o11 and One lucky lady will win a Dermalogica Bridal Package at Dubai Mall.

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