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Freelance Make Up Artist and Stylist who shuttles between New York, Italy and Dubai, Anna has been in the Make Up industry since 1996. She trained under Mario Dedivanovic and Scott Barnes in NYC and has a certificate for Hairstyling from Cinema Make Up School A true lover of all the elements of Fashion, she studied Fashion Design and Styling at the prestigious Istituto Europeo Di Design in Milan, Italy.

Friday, April 1, 2011



Your crowning glory deserves attention whether your putting it up or letting it loose. Here are some tips to ensure your crowning glory sparkles on the red carpet.

One Week Before
* If you are thinking of having your hair coloured, one week before you step into the red carpet will be just fine. This will give the colour enough time to set. If you decide to colour at home, please do a strand test. You don't want unwanted surprises that may not be remedied. If you find that the colour is way to dark than your expectations, combine 1 Cup baby shampoo with 2 tablespoons baking soda. Apply it on your hair and leave it on for 5 minutes.

One Day Before
* If you are thinking of leaving your hair down and you want it to shine like Jennifer Aniston's luscious locks, rinse your hair with this solution: combine distilled Vinegar (HEINZ is a good brand) with 1 Cup Chilled Water and a few drops of Lavender Oil (to combat the smell). This solution will close the hair's cuticle making your hair shine like never before.

* This is what I did since I have decided to put my hair up. I just deep conditioned my hair with Boots Hair Mask made especially for Brunettes. I left it on for a good 15 minutes and then shampooed and allowed my hair to air dry. :)

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