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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I AM 7







Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser :) I am 7! lol! Seriously, I am. 3+4 = 7. Pretty clever? I am not hiding my real age, in fact, I am very proud of it. The only reason as to why I decided to entitle my Birthday Shoot as 7 is because I wanted to pay a special tribute to 7 of my favourite people or my inspirations.

As you probably all know, I love photography. I am not a pro. I take photos of things I like and only when I am in the mood. Instead of paying tribute to my Make Up Icons, I decided to pay tribute to the photographers who have inspired me to pick up those fashion magazines which led me to my love affair with make up and fashion.

My 1st encounter with Francesco Scavullo was probably when I was 10. My aunts' copies of Cosmo were just lying around the house featuring uber beautiful women on the cover. Those covers made me pick up the magazine and this is where it all began. Mr. Scavullo's photos of the early Supers like Gia Carangi (bless her soul), Christie Brinkley, Carol Alt and Paulina Porizkova attracted me into this industy... like a moth to a flame.

Who will not be attracted to the simplicity and beauty of Herb Ritts' photos? My obsession over Mr. Ritts' images started when I saw the cover that Cindy Crawford did for Playboy. It was beautiful, sensual, yet classy. He also directed some of my favourite Music Videos like Cherish and Love Will Never Do Without You.

Then there is Demarchelier and me jumping up and down upon finding his book in Musee D'Orsay. lol! I cannot begin to tell you how much his photos put me in a state of awe. I have had the book for 3 years now and every time I open it, I always seem to find something new to appreciate.

Who can forget the man who took a chance on Tom Ford? Mario Testino, along with Former Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief, Carine Roitfeld and Tom Ford turned a company near bankruptcy into one of the most coveted fashion brands in the world. His campaigns during the early years of Ford in Gucci was just screaming of 'I Am Hella Sexy!' But what I loved the most about Testino are his portraits of the Late Lady Diana. I think he captured her beauty the best. Simple; no frills; just her.

The discoverer of the 'Super Models,' Steven Meisel got into this business by accident. If my memory serves me right he started taking snapshots of models who then submitted them to agencies. The rest is history. Meisel is responsible for the meteoric rise of Linda Evangelista, Stella Tenant. Carolyn Murphy to name but a few. To say that this elusive photographer has an eye for beauty is an understatement. You can see it in the beauties that he has discovered and the photos that he has published.

The new millennium introduced us to the disturbingly perfect photos of M&M also know as Mert & Marcus. Their photos are the antithesis of what I normally like which is simple and black & white. Their campaigns with Mui Mui and its vivid colours, the Desert editorial they did with Kate Moss and its washed out colours can be likened to paintings and frescoes of painting greats.

Although you will never see me as a Newton Woman (Not Isaac but Helmut hehehe) I just have to love his risque photos. The dominatrix woman in high heels, the androgynous being, the fishnets, red lips. In my eyes Newton's photos are exactly like M&M's and that is what draws me to it - It's the total opposite of what I normally veer towards.

I would like to thank Arian Marcos and Rob Abi for the wonderful photos to celebrate my 34th Birthday. :)

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