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Freelance Make Up Artist and Stylist who shuttles between New York, Italy and Dubai, Anna has been in the Make Up industry since 1996. She trained under Mario Dedivanovic and Scott Barnes in NYC and has a certificate for Hairstyling from Cinema Make Up School A true lover of all the elements of Fashion, she studied Fashion Design and Styling at the prestigious Istituto Europeo Di Design in Milan, Italy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


To compliment my dress I decided on smokey brown and gold for the eyes and keeping the rest toned down.

Decided to wear a beaded beige number from Nexus and gold accents.

With the photographer, great friend too, Marc

With Marc's Entry

Three years ago I had the privilege of doing the Make Up for 6 beautiful and amazing women for the initial offering of Illustrado's Women of Substance, so you can imagine my delight to see these women again last Saturday for Illustrado's Women of Substance Year 3.

My photographer friend, Marc Guittap made the 30 finalist for the exhibition entitled The Fipina featuring yours truly at work :)

What makes this event very close to my heart is its goal to continue to uplift the image of the Filipina not just in Dubai but hopefully all over the world.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Not Couture unfortunately but love my dress from Sandy Uy just the same :)

With Ms. Kinmonth.
Aqua seems to be the colour of the night :)

This is the Spring Brights Look in action. LANCOME sponsored the event.
The genuis behind the ever evolving House of Chanel, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld

Last Thursday I had the privilege of watching a documentary by Ms. Margy Kinmonth about the Secret World of Haute Couture sponsored by D- Seven Motion Pictures. Please check them out at http://www.d-seven.com/.

As someone who looks at fashion as an artform more than anything else watching this documentary made my resolve even firmer. Watching the artisans in the ateliers sow each bead in exquisite fabric and press feathers farmed in South Africa with so much care made me view these designers as modern day Picassos or Renoits.

The film, which took 6 months to finish also gave us a sneak peak into the world of the chicest women I have ever seen! Its not just about the fact that these women own pieces made for them by the top fashion houses rather its about their appreciation for the entire creation. The importance they put on the fabric, the stitching, the buttons. They don't see the coat as just a coat or an evening gown as just as an evening gown. They see it as wearing a piece of art.

The documentary is supposed to be about the exclusive 200 club. A club composed of women from all over the world who adore Haute Couture, the women who have front row seats to the Couture shows in Paris, those who have head seamstresses of the fashion houses fly on a private jet for a private fitting for. Though the movie was about that I cant help but focus on the art of making a couture piece and I applaud Ms. Kinmonth for be able to show that in her documentary.

The fact that the documentary filmed mostly in the City of Paris made me thoroughly enjoy watching the film :)

There used to be a lot of fashion houses who participate in the Couture Shows, however, now its just a handful, makes you think that Haute Couture is a dying industry, however, with this club still around, we can expect to see more pieces of art made to fit the woman's body


Spring Brights for the evening.

Instead of Neon lips go for a deeper shade. More grapey.

For a bolder look, line the eyes, make sure to wing it at the corners.
With an angled brush, line the lower lid with a black shadow followed by a turquoise shadow.

Go For Magenta Lips.
Line the lower lash line with the same shadow colour.
Line the waterline with White liner and apply 2 coats of Mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

For the highlight on the brow bone I decided to combine 2 colours. One is an extremely light shimmery turquoise and the other one is a white shimmery shade.

Apply a black shadow and concentrate on the outer V to define the eyes.

The Eyes are starting to look better.

Apply a medium shade on the centre and the darkest shade on the outer corner of the eye.
Blend. Trust me. :)

I went for a thicker but lighter brows for this look.
Prime the Eye Area with a Neutral Colour such as MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
For this look I decided on Turquoise instead of green as seen on the cover.
Start with the lightest Turquoise on the inner lid.
The Inspiration for this Look.

Last year around December, I wrote about seeing the Versace lady having a make under and instead of seeing the traditional sexy smokey eyes, the supermodels walked down the runway with light lilac eyes.

Pastel eyes is just one of the beauty trends for Spring/Summer 2010 and since I have done Violet Peepers already (which is great for Brown Eyed belles) I decided to write about wearing bright colours for your eyes. This was also inspired by a breath taking Vogue Paris cover :) just tweaked it a bit so it can compliment my dress for an event that I had to attend that evening.

So, if you are feeling a little bit adventurous, read on and try this look for Spring :)

This post is for Kay :) Have fun this Spring.

Sunday, March 21, 2010





Last weekend gave me the chance to try on one of the things that I have always wanted to try wearing..... THE ABAYA and boy, did I feel great, no, correction, I felt so regal! :) I am not sure if it was the softness of the cloth or the way the sleeves were cut, or the way it just fell effortlessly graceful on my body. I can't figure it out but I kind of did not want to take it out. :)

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


and a little bit more definition at night.

Clean, Simple and Fresh...... for the day.
Keep the lips soft and supple and in a shade that is close to your natural lip colour.
I lined my lips with MAC Lip Liner in Beurre and filled it in with T. Leclerc in Sauvage.
T. Leclerc is an amazing drugstore brand in Paris. They have fantastic powders which are milled to its finest. The one I have is in Banane. Perfect for setting the undereye area :)
They are nicely packaged too :)

For the evening add a thin gel liner very close to the lash bed. This makes the lashes look fuller.
Open up the eyes by applying Glam Eyes by Rimmel. By using a brown shadow with an angled brush, you softly define the eyes.

Softly define the eyes with shades naturally found in your face like beige, all shades of brown, creams.

The Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette - a Make Up Kit Staple


Do you gravitate to Beiges and Browns when it comes to choosing your eyeshadows? Is Spice Lip Liner from MAC a must have in your vanity kit? Do you like your skin flawless, no harsh contouring, just that natural flush? Does the idea of putting on an Orange or Fuschia Lips make you cringe? If you find yourself saying yes to any of these questions then, chances are you are the CLASSIC. No, you are not a creature of habit, you just want to stay in your comfort zone because you already know that these make up bag staples bring out the best in you. You follow one of the things that I follow when it comes to make up – don’t fix what is not broken.

For Classic Beauties, the 28 Neutral Palette from Coastal Scents should be a Make Up Kit Mainstay. Not only does it have all the shades of Beige and Brown in all possible textures but it can somehow help you experiment by trying on the Shimmery Medium Brown E/S with some tinges of Purple. Applying it as an eyeshadow may be too bold a move for you, so perhaps, you may try using it as an eyeliner as a start. J

For the day define the eye by lining the lash bed with the brown powder liner. Vamp it up at night by applying a brown gel liner on top of the brown powder liner.

Classic Ladies likes their lips natural looking so finding the following shades may not come as a surprise: MAC Spice Lip Liner, MAC Taupe, Half & Half, INGLOT Lip paint in 51 & 52. For an evening out, you may want to add a clear gloss in the centre of your lips for a sexier pout J

For me, Katie Holmes epitomises the Classic Beauty, though I have seen in her more adventurous looks, she is almost always in brown, beiges and creams. I aint complaining coz she looks amazing, fresh and always put together J

Here are other recommedations for your make up bag
T. Leclerc in 00 or Plaisir
MAC in Oak
Chanel in Desert
INGLOT in 63
Laura Mercier Lip Velvet in Naked Rose
MAC in Modesty, Taupe, Half & Half and Hug Me
Shiseido in 17
Nars in Dolce Vita
Mikyajy in Desert Storm
Mikyajy in Bizarre Brown
INGLOT Lip paint in 51 & 52
MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood (perfect for lining the lash line)
Smashbox Beauty a Go Go Palette
MAC eye shadow in Honesty
Smashbox eye shadow in Flirt
INGLOT AMC shadows in 52 & 49


I can see the orange peeking. :)

A little bit of gloss goes a long way.

Why not use a peach highlighter on the brow bone?

Lightly contour the crease with a black eyeshadow

Dont freak out. We are going to blend.... PROMISE :)

Everything inspires me.... even this Chiffon top from Zara :)

I don’t know if it was the foggy weather or the top that I was wearing which prompted me to put on a lot of colour on my eye that day, however, now when I look closely at the photos I think that that the Chiffon Zara Top was my main inspiration for this look.

Again, the key to wearing the weirdest colour combination is blending. For some reason and out of experience I have come to a conclusion that I can combine any colour and make it work.... somehow J

When going for colourful looks, especially when using shimmer shades, I suggest keeping the other areas of the face a little muted. Instead of wearing a shimmery blusher, perhaps you may go with a pink matte shade to give the entire face some balance. If you prefer shimmer on the cheeks perhaps go with a matte highlighting powder such as the one found in the Contour Kit of Make Up Forever. You may also go with Givenchy Prisme. It gives a rosy glow without the shine. Incidentally, products without shimmer are best for oily skin or skin which has visible pores.

I decided not to line the eyes with either a brown or black liner and kept the look soft by using an eyeshadow to line the lash bed and lower lash line. To make the colour more vibrant you may dip the brush in a little water or use the Make Up Forever Eye Seal. Also, instead of the traditional white shimmer on the brow bone, why no opt for peach or pale orange? J

On the Lips: MAC Lip Liner in Beurre and MAC Lip Lacquer in Varneesh.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


To complete the look, why not put on a Swarovski encrusted headband?
Headband by Kannah Manila

Define the lips with MAC Beurre lipliner and fill it in with MAC Lip Lacquer in Varneesh.

I lightly line the lower lash line with the same eyeshadow base that I used and I smudged it with a little brown shadow

Apply a matte brown shadown on the crease to add depth.


Use a seashell pink shimmer shadow on the brow bone for the highlight.

I skipped lining the lashbed with a harsh liner but opted for a medium brown eyeshadow as a liner

(hmmmmmm redundant. sorry guys. hehehe)

Apply a medium pink shimmer shadow on the middle part of the lid.

Choose an almost fuschia pink shimmer shadow on the outer corners

I applied Make Up Forever Star Powder in 24M on the inner part of the lid.

Prepped brows with Sephora Brow Pencil in 01 and Benefit Brow Zings in Light.

I used Coastal Scents Gel Liner in Sexy Pink as an Eye Shadow base.

I placed the base on the outer half of the lid only.

What's a a flower got to do with a Make Up Blog?
This is my inspiration for this look :)

Eversince the beginning of March all I could think of was flowers, the sun, the sea, however, the moody weather in Dubai has not allowed me to catch my doses of Vitamin D so I decided on getting doses of flowers, its colours..... on my eyes
By the way, I applied the foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) in the morning at around 0745 and only had to blot my face at around 1530. This foundation aside from giving full colour has also proven to actually control oiliness. Very much recommended to busy girl who do not have the time to retouch. This is also perfect for events such as weddings, debuts :)


This ensemble will take me from brunch al fresco to malling and movies. Perfect outfit for a relaxed weekend during the first few days of Spring :)

Denime jacket by Forever 21 inspired by the Spring Summer 09 Balmain shows

If you find the neckline of your sundresses too low, why not put a bandeau top.
This way you wont feel too concious and you also respect the dress code in Dubai. :)

Loving the paisley prints of this sundress from CJ & Company

*Photo from Forever 21 website

March for me is the official start of Spring/Summer. The sun is out though the breeze is cool. Perfect scenario for breakfast al fresco, in your sundress, some summer wedges and to keep yourself warm, why not pair your sundress with a Military inspired denim jacket like this one from Forever 21. Aside from wearing one of the trends for the season, wearing a denim jacket also balances the look so you don't end up looking too girly :)