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Thursday, December 9, 2010



A Favourite among Make Up Artists and now I know why! Who would not love a foundation that is easy to carry around, a heaven to blend, the ultimate in coverage yet makes you feel that you aren't wearing anything?

The Kryolan TV Paintstick is a 25ml foundation heaven! At AED110 (USD 30), its worth spending for a foundation that gives you this much cover with a very little amount. You can play with the type of coverage that you like. If you want it a little sheer, you make use a wet sponge to blend. For this review, I just blended with my hands.

Because of the creamy texture of the foundation, I'd say that dry skin will work well with the Paintstick. If you have oily skin, make sure to use a Mattifying Pre Make Up Base and of course the Translucent Powder and you are good to go.

The distributor here in Dubai (Kontar - located in Deira) pretty much has a wide selection of colours, though they are facing out some of them and replacing them with the new collection.

The Translucent Powder is 60g and is in a big container. You don't have to lug this around. Transfer some of it in a smaller container that you can put in your vanity kit for touch ups.

Though it did not say that its an HD powder, I find that its finish is very 'HD'. Makes your skin look very flawless and again it did pass my 'no touch up test.' The Powder is very fine. It seems as if it has been milled a million times! Kind of reminds of the T. Leclerc Powders.

Sorry, can't remember the price of the powder. :(

All in all, I give this product a 10 out 10 for quality, packaging and price. I included packaging because the products coming in huge containers makes it economical by making you transfer only what you currently need in your vanity kit.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting married in 4 months and comparing makeup artists based on their products used. I found one person I really like who uses the "tv paint stick." A lot of people are telling me to find someone who uses airbrushing.

What is your opinion? I can sometimes have an oily-t zone area on my face.

Thanks :)

Celebrity Media Appearances Sydney said...

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ANNA DE LEON said...

thank you, more product reviews to come. :)

ANNA DE LEON said...

Hi, if your make up artist is really good, they dont need to airbrush. :)

Anonymous said...

hi there, excellent post!

What colour paint stick did you use?

many thanks


Yumna said...

Hi, I am your skin tone an was wondering what shade you bought this in. :)

ANNA DE LEON said...

Hi Yumna, it says ELO on the packaging.