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Monday, September 6, 2010



Several years ago, I watched a film which starred Jennifer Lopez entitled Bordertown. It was about numerous unsolved cases of violence/murder against women who worked for a lot of factories in the US/Mexico border.

It was disturbing and for a someone who is trying her best to champion Women's rights, though in her small way, I felt kind of hopeless seeing these women work for less than minimum wage.

Imagine my horror when MAC and Rodarte came out with a collection based on the town of Juarez where these cases happened.

To add insult to injury, MAC used a pale, thin ghostly looking model for the campaign and used politically incorrect names for the shades like Ghost Town and Factory.

MAC was quick to react to this furor by saying that they will not ship the cosmetics and that they will donate the proceeds to the families of the victims. I am not sure if this is their way of generating more publicity as MAC always tries to push the envelope when it comes to their collections.

Some people say that MAC has helped by shedding light to the situation but they did it in the expense of the people of Juarez. This just my personal opinion.

I don't have anything against MAC. I love the products but using the misery of a town that is still grieving is just really out of order.


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

It's a bitter sweet situation because I had no idea about the juarez situation. But then seeing the model and collection had me a bit disturbed.

They could have shed light on the situation differently.

ANNA DE LEON said...

thanks for the visit, hell notes. just happy that they are not shipping the products out.

Mode Junkie said...

this is still bugging my mind until now. doesn´t mac have people who do researches or something before they do a collection? just plain stupid in my opinion.

xoxo Mode Junkie