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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last week I had the most alarming Hair Issue I have ever had. My hair was oily everyday inspite of shampooing everyday and rinsing very well. I first thought that it could be my hormones going wild because I was nearing that time of the month, but when I finally got my period, the oiliness remained.

I was getting more and more alarmed. I changed my shampoo, I even skipped conditioner, I used baby powder to soak up the oil and my last resort was using a bar of dove soap to wash my hair. Well, washing it with soap did help. But prolong use of soap may be harmful to the scalp. I had to find a solution ASAP.

So, while i was doing my grocery Monday night I decided to pay a visit to Hair Works Salon and I spoke to one of their Senior Stylists regarding my oily problem.

She said that it could be the water and the season. She also told me that since the top portion of my hair is all virgin hair, it could be that it absorbs the chemicals and dirt faster. What I needed, according to her is a shampoo, which will strip my hair off of all the dirt and chemicals which ordinary shampoos cannot remove. She instructed me to use it for 1 week and see the results.

So, she recommended Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo. Its 300 ml and costs AED 100. For that price, I mumbled that this should work! and work it did!!!! The following day, my hair was greaseless, bouncy and smelling extremely fresh! I had one more test to do though I had to use my conditioner. So, today I applied conditioner but just on the tips and it remained oil free!!!!

So, Ill try the shampoo with conditioner all over my hair and see if my hair remains oil free. Its not cheap but it does do the work, so, yes, if you are suffering from oily hair and scalp, I suggest that you purchase one.


Meho M said...

I recommend Matrix products, ive been using their mask and oil and my hair has done a 180 from the dead state it was in.

Ps: your comment was sooo cute, i think you will be a gorgeousssss 40 year old but you still have quite some time before getting there :)

Meho xx

ANNA DE LEON said...

Hi Meho, thanks for the visit and your lovely comments. :)Will give your recommendations a try :) iam growing my hair again and the ends have become a little dry.

josarine said...

I'm experiencing the same thing too. I have to wash my hair daily which is so annoying. I heard that after using this product you can wash your hair alternate days?