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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


If Spinneys has Monday as its Market DAy, mine is Thursday and I loveeeee it! During my Market Day, I scout for new products (make up, skincare, brushes), compare my finds and decide which ones are really worth getting.

My Market Day is not limited to malls, I just go everywhere. Its soooo fun, you have no idea what you will discover and I will be sharing my finds from this Super Store in my next post.

Last Thursday after my meeting at Dubai Mall I decided to change my itinerary and not limit my store visits to just the make up stores and one of the stores that I visited and wanted to stay in for longer than usual was Jo Malone.

Aside from the fact that the shop was just smelling glorious, the shop is just so chic but not intimidating, the light walls and the smell (yet again) just lures you in!

So, what separates Jo Malone from the usual Perfumes, Colognes in the market? It puts artistry back into making perfumes. It encourages you to become an artisan, creating your own bespoke scent. In a way its like the Haute Couture of Perfumes.

During my conversation with the sales person (she is very nice) I kind of thought that the philosophy of Joe Malone is the same as layering. Layering is when you use the same scent for your shower gel, soap, lotion and perfume to make you smelling great 24/7, but according to this lady, Jo Malone is about Fragrance Combining as opposed to Layering.

She made me choose one scent, got the Verbenas of Provence (reminds me of the EDT from L'Occitane, which is perfect for summer, by the way). Alone, it was sooo fresh, could not stop myself from sniffing my wrist! hahahaha. After a few seconds she made a recommendation of taking the White Jasmine & Mint. I was apprehensive as I normally lean towards the light and fruity as oppossed to the flowery scents but when I spritzed it over the Verbenas of Provence, it became a scent that I can't quite descibe. It was fruity fresh because of the Verbenas and Mint but what I think provided that unexplainable ooomph was the White Jasmine.

Being at Jo Malone made me feel like this guy from the movie PERFUME, it was sooo intoxicatingly gewwwwdddd! hahahahaha.

A bottle costs about AED 450, may be a little more than a normal perfume (except for Chance from Chanel) but if you are going to smell this intoxicatingly GEWWWDDD, I suggest you start fragrance combining...... PRONTO! :)

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