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Sunday, June 6, 2010




I remember how easy it was when I was in my 20's when a simple moisturiser will do but now that I am 33, it takes more than a moisturiser to slow down the aging process, not that I do not look forward to growing old, in fact I do. :)

When I conducted my last workshop, I discussed the skin conditions and requirements of the different age groups and at 30, aside from a great moisturiser there has got to be a 'middle man' of some sort and these are called Serums. Most serums contains anti oxidants which makes the moisturiser work better, some lifts, some promise clarity and brightness.

I was given the The Lifting Face Serum and I team it up with the Classic Moisturising Cream. The Lifting Serum actually works in tandem with The Lifting Intensifier but I unfortunately do not have it.

The Lifting Serum with its rare blue algae promises to add vibrance, to visibly lift and to restore clarity and brightness. It has a dropper so you can control the amount that you will be applying on your face. It is fragrance free. It has a mattifying effect on my skin, which I think is great as I get a little oily.

My first encounter with the classic Moisturising Cream of Creme de la Mer dates back to 2006 when it was gifted to me and I guess at 33, it has somehow helped my skin retain its youthfulness. This is the cream that started it all and paired with the Serum,I wake up seeing no pores! It is unbelievable! Since using these two products, I find that my skin is softer and firmer.

Like The Eye Concentrate, this Serum and Cream does not cheap. If I remember it correctly, the Serum is AED 1100 and the Cream is AED 1000. It is steep but perhaps worth saving up for for a longer love affair with youth :)

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