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Friday, March 26, 2010


Not Couture unfortunately but love my dress from Sandy Uy just the same :)

With Ms. Kinmonth.
Aqua seems to be the colour of the night :)

This is the Spring Brights Look in action. LANCOME sponsored the event.
The genuis behind the ever evolving House of Chanel, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld

Last Thursday I had the privilege of watching a documentary by Ms. Margy Kinmonth about the Secret World of Haute Couture sponsored by D- Seven Motion Pictures. Please check them out at http://www.d-seven.com/.

As someone who looks at fashion as an artform more than anything else watching this documentary made my resolve even firmer. Watching the artisans in the ateliers sow each bead in exquisite fabric and press feathers farmed in South Africa with so much care made me view these designers as modern day Picassos or Renoits.

The film, which took 6 months to finish also gave us a sneak peak into the world of the chicest women I have ever seen! Its not just about the fact that these women own pieces made for them by the top fashion houses rather its about their appreciation for the entire creation. The importance they put on the fabric, the stitching, the buttons. They don't see the coat as just a coat or an evening gown as just as an evening gown. They see it as wearing a piece of art.

The documentary is supposed to be about the exclusive 200 club. A club composed of women from all over the world who adore Haute Couture, the women who have front row seats to the Couture shows in Paris, those who have head seamstresses of the fashion houses fly on a private jet for a private fitting for. Though the movie was about that I cant help but focus on the art of making a couture piece and I applaud Ms. Kinmonth for be able to show that in her documentary.

The fact that the documentary filmed mostly in the City of Paris made me thoroughly enjoy watching the film :)

There used to be a lot of fashion houses who participate in the Couture Shows, however, now its just a handful, makes you think that Haute Couture is a dying industry, however, with this club still around, we can expect to see more pieces of art made to fit the woman's body


Dubai's it girl said...

Great post. I read every word! You look fab.

Tc, Nia B

LeXa said...

Love the dress..

ANNA DE LEON said...

Hi Nia. Thanks. Wathching the documentary made me love this industry all the more :)

ANNA DE LEON said...

thanks Lexa :)