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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The rewards of patience and digging in a flea market..... Iam laughing on my way to the bank and my date at the park :)

For some reason the classic LV monogram and the Palermo style screams 70's and I aint complainin. Donna Summer was a hit that decade!

Its the colour, the feel of the fabric which makes this a keeper.

A Closer Look at the cuffs and collar and this sunnies that I adore. :)

The makings of a trench, the oversized collar and the lovely details on the cuff

I know, I know, there is no such thing as a date in the park here in Dubai but when I looked at my ensemble for today all I could think about was a day/date spent strolling in Central Park and a visit to the Museum on a nice Spring afternoon. Maybe it is the Colour of this Coat Dress that made me think of trees and more trees. The over sized collar also reminded me of the 70’s so I decided to pair it with over sized sunnies. I guess the operative word for the day is oversize. hehehhe.

But what is not oversize is the price of this coat dress, which, if memory serves me right is under AED 70.00. If there is anything in this world that I love (retail wise) more than getting that shoe in my size after searching in 3 stores is probably getting a bargain. What drew me to this Coat Dress is the colour but when I tried it on, it just felt so good. The fabric is cool enough to wear alone as a dress and the details such as the buckles on the sleeves convinced me that this piece will go to my closet. What I would probably improve, if I have to chance to is to make the belt sturdier so that it can cinch the waist a little more but other than that this Coat Dress is a treasure found J

Coat Dress: Flea Market
Cream Peep Toe Pumps: New Look
Over Sized Sunnies: MANGO
Bag: Louis Vuitton


mosha said...

it's impressive how you can turn a coat dress from a flea market to something very chic, very 70s french style, and very elegant .. thumbs up for Anna xX

ANNA DE LEON said...

Hi Mosha, its always great to find these kinds of pieces in Dubai. If only we really have vintage shops, shopping in dubai will be a whole lot of fun! :)

Tunics & Tamarind Chutney said...

Hi you look fab!
You blog is great!
I am following!

Hope you follow mine!

xx :)

ANNA DE LEON said...

thanks for the visit T. Will check you out :)