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Sunday, January 24, 2010


I will go on a diet. Ever made this resolution? I have and quite a few times. hehehe. This year though I have decided not to make any resolutions but for the benefit of those people who have made losing weight as one of their resolutions here are some information on some of the diets that have come and go.

I was one of those people who bought the book but never had the chance to go past Chapter 2. Once I found out the 'allowable foods ' I stopped reading and started doing the grocery. I was actually delighted to find out that turket bacon was allowed, so is mayo but not ketchup.

The first day was tolerable. I had fresh greens, some low fat cheese, hard boiled eggs and low fat dressing. Second day was a hamburger patty cooked in Olive oil. Third day was shrimps cooked in Olive oil and garlic.

I actually found this diet quite easy, atleast for the first 5 days but come the 6th day I started craving for pasta, bread and worst, I was getting quite irritable.

* Initial weight loss is fast! We are talking 14 lbs to a lot of people who have tried this diet.
* If you are not a vegetable eater, this diet will make you eat some greens, which is good not only to your body but your skin will love you for it! :)

* After your rapid weight loss, losing more may take some time.
* Totally eliminating carbohydrates can cause you to become irritable and some people said that it has caused their breath o smell a little off. :(

Again, I have tried this and actually lost 4 kilos but come the second week, I again succumbed to a plate of pasta. Cant help it! This diet has the same principle as the Atkins diet but a little less strict. I was allowed to eat nuts (in moderation), which is great! I was allowed 20 pcs pistachios, some almonds.

A lot of movie stars swear by this diet, which if my memory serves me right has a phase of allowing the good carbohydrates to make a comeback. Again, though I am not sure, you are to allow one good carbohydrate back in your life.... for good like you can have pasta but never bread, rice or vice versa.

I remember this diet being passed in the Chairmans's Office while I was in Manila and it involves an actual cabbage soup and combining it with one kind of food each day. This diet lasts for about a week but be careful as you might actually lose just water and not fat. And you know when this happens.... you gain it all back.

When I was back home this diet rocked Manila and was pioneered by an ex swimmer who later became a celebrity. Its simple. No eating after 6pm. She says that you can eat anything but you have to stop as soon as the clock strikes 6pm. Alright, maybe soups are okay.

I am honestly on this diet but I dont call it as such. I call it a lifestyle already. Though I do not totally agree with eating everything in sight before 6 pm.

I feel lighter and it actually encourages me to sleep early... with an exception of tonight. :)

Whatever diet you intend on applying here are some more tips to a healthier you this 2010. :)
1. Be realistic
Dont go on a diet and tell yourself that you will lose 10 kgs in 1 month. Slowly but surely. Keep in mind that when you crash diet you will most likely gain all the weight that you have lost or worse.... even more. Aside from this crash dieting gives bad skin.

2. Excersise
Diet and Excercise....is like Dolce and Gabbana. They can never be without one another.

3. Hydrate
Dieting or not dieting, its best to keep yourself hydrated. It flushes out toxins.

4. BYOF - Bring Your Own Food
Means preparing them yourself. This way you know exactly what goes inside your body.

5. The Trinity aka Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Eat like a King during breakfast but avoid anything that is too sugary. This will give you an ultimate high but its crash and burn after that. Why not opt for coffee (yes, up to 2 cups is good for you) and some whole meal bread.

Moderate Lunch and a light dinner.

There are hordes of diets out there and I certainly hope that you chose the right one for you and stick to it and eventually make healthy eating your lifestyle :)

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