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Monday, January 4, 2010


Just Us Ladies :)
Gigi and Djhoanna

Tere and Me

We are full.... now, dessert


Chinese Blouse with Avatar Eyes in a Curry Resto! Confused!

Gigi and her long locks

Tere and her curls

Djhoanna and her red nails

Before Gigi and the food came

It was a cold and rainy January 1 and I was busy putting together the AVATAR Eye Make Up when my girlfriend, Djhoanna called me and said, 'get ready, we are going it!' Can you imagine my face, full of make up, apple green and electric blue eyes at that... going out for dinner with my friends! hahahaha. Taking off the the make up completely would have taken longer than their drive from the Discovery Gardens all the way to my house! hahaha

Anyway, it was a great evening and finally we were able to dine again in Curry On. Curry On does not only serve Indian food but it serves pretty much all kinds of curries from all over the world. (I'd like to think this! hehehehe) One of the discoveries of Tere and Djhoanna. As usual we got ourselves the Curry Platter. It has Buttered Chicken, Shrimp Curry and our usual Garlic Nan Bread. (Just thinking about what we ate that day makes me hungry.)

We were at our usual booth and that day we made our resolutions for 2010. Djhoanna even taped it!. We were laughing while we played it back. Hope we can adhere to it though.

Curry On aside from having a great menu has a good selection of drinks and they have it in flasks. Very nice :) Their staff are so friendly also, which makes dining there such a pleasure.

We capped the evening with our usual.... Coffee in Starbucks.

Nothing beats having good food, laughter, coffee and most of all sharing it with friends who have stood the test of time :)

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